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Let kids be kids!

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SUN NEWS: Feb. 6, 2014 Dr. Mariana Brussoni, academic scientist at BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit and Assistant Professor at UBC, spoke to SUN News Vancouver about the issue of children and taking risks during play in conjunction with a news report on New Zealand’s success in eliminating playground bullying. View the video »

Call to action on concussions

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Hockey legend Ken Dryden gave a call to action, encouraging players, coaches and medical professionals to educate others about concussion awareness, prevention and treatment, at the Ken Dryden sport concussion symposium, Jan. 28, attended by almost 200 people. Ken Dryden interviewed children and sports professionals who are affected by concussions including former NHL enforcer Gino Odjick who still suffers from the concussions he endured in his hockey career. Medical professionals…

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