Concussion Awareness Training Tool

catt_logoThe Concussion Awareness Training Toolkit (CATT), led by Dr. Shelina Babul, Associate Director/Sports Injury Specialist with the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, is based upon the established international principles of the 4th Zurich Concussion Consensus Statement. The aim of CATT is to standardize concussion recognition, diagnosis, treatment, and management. Good concussion management may decrease the risk of brain damage and potentially reduce long-term health issues.

CATT for Medical Professionals (CATT MP)

Funded by the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Child Health BC, and in collaboration with the BC Medical Association (now Doctors of BC), CATT MP was developed by a team of injury prevention researchers and Emergency Department physicians with extensive provincial and national review. CATT MP features a learner-directed online training module supplemented with diagnostic tools (both adult and child SCAT3) and links to clinical resources, patient handouts, journal articles, related websites, and concussion videos. CATT qualifies for MainPro M2 credits for clinicians. CATT MP has demonstrated a statistically significant increase in practices among physicians and nurses.

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CATT for Parents, Players and Coaches (CATT PPC)

Developed in partnership with the BC Ministry of Health, CATT PPC provides up-to-date educational training on the recognition, management and prevention of concussions in the form of:

  • Online Training Video for Parents and for Coaches
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Parents
  • Concussion Videos Appropriate for Youth
  • Printable Handouts for Parents and Coaches
  • The Concussion Response Tool for Parents (smartphone fillable)
  • The Return to Learn Communication Tool for Parents and Educators
  • The Return to Sport Communication Tool for Parents and Coaches

The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that anyone involved in child and youth sport should be educated about the signs and symptoms of concussion and the appropriate management of a child with a concussion. CATT PPC has demonstrated a statistically significant increase in knowledge among parents.

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CATT for School Professionals

  • CATT for School Professionals, developed in partnership with the BC Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, provides educators and school administrators the necessary resources for supporting a concussed student in his/her integration back to school:
    • RECOGNIZE the signs and symptoms of a concussion
    • RESPOND to a concussion event
    • Understand what a student needs to RECOVER from a concussion
    • PREPARE for a student’s return to school
    • Support a student’s RETURN to learn and activities
    • PREVENT and support PRACTICE through strategies and POLICIES

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