Healthy Weights Review: Physical Activity & Injury Prevention

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BCIRPU recently conducted an evidence research review to determine if increased physical activity leads to increased injuries. The key finding is that, while more activity may not lead to more injuries, more attention must be given to injury prevention and the potential injury consequences of physical activity for those who promote physical activity, as well as to those who conduct research on the effects of physical activity promotion.

Quick Facts:

  • Only a small percentage of those who increase their physical activity experience minor injuries.
  • Increasing physical activity is unlikely to increase the risk of severe injury.
  • Those engaged in higher levels of physical activities are more likely to sustain injuries.
  • Overweight and obese individuals may be at a higher risk of sustaining injuries. This is of particular concern given that physical activity is promoted as a weight-loss strategy.
  • Increased collaboration between injury-prevention specialists and physical activity specialists can help reduce fitness-related injuries.

For more information please see the following resources:

activity-report activity-report activity-report activity-report
Fact Sheet
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Injury Insight
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Executive Summary
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Final Report
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We would like to engage with all fitness proponents to exchange information and to reduce fitness-related injuries. Please contact BCIRPU Associate Director Dr. Shelina Babul at

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