Seasonal Injuries

Fall is here, and cold weather means we crave those delicious hot chocolates and pumpkin spice lattes. As the leaves change, our teenagers might also be experiencing changes, including getting their drivers’ licence.

Caution: Hot

The Burn Fund, Parachute Canada, and The Community Against Preventable Injuries have some great resources on hot liquid safety. In Canada, young children under the age of five suffer 83% of all scald injuries requiring hospital admission.

Burn Awareness Week PSA – Preventable

Burns PSA – Burn Fund

The Dangers of Hot Liquids – Parachute

Hot Tap Water FAQ – Parachute

Safety on the Road

October 15-21 is National Teen Driver Safety Week. On average each year in BC, 28 young drivers die as a result of a Motor Vehicle Crash, and 71 people die from crashes involving young drivers.

Speeding, driving while impaired (by drugs or alcohol) and distracted diving (by texting or using other electronic devices) are main reasons for a large number of these injuries and deaths. 

We’ve created a printable resource – please share it widely.

ICBC has launched their pedestrian safety campaign. 43 per cent of all crashes with pedestrians happen between October and January.

For people inside the car, refresh your memory with these tips on seatbelt use.