Seasonal Injuries

Spring has arrived, and the cherry blossoms are blooming. Here are some injury topics to think about as you put your winter gear in storage and enjoy the sunshine.

Awareness when walking and driving

Nearly 1 in 5 people killed and 2,500 injured in car crashes every year in BC are pedestrians, according to ICBC. Almost 800 crashes occur every day in BC, and many of these are caused by distracted driving, driver failure to yield right of way, and weather conditions. Distracted driving now causes more fatalities on B.C. roads than impaired driving.

Statistics—Pedestrian Safety (ICBC, BCIRPU):

  • Pedestrian collisions are more frequent on weekdays than weekends.
  • The highest proportion of pedestrian collisions occurs during the peak afternoon rush hour period (3:00 PM to 6:00 PM) and in the fall and winter months.
  • The highest proportion of pedestrian fatalities are among ages 75 and over.
  • Males account for 56.3% of all pedestrian fatalities.
  • Approximately 76% of all pedestrian collisions happen at intersections.

Stay Safe—Pedestrians:

  • Stay alert and attentive; focus your full attention on what is happening around you.
  • Never assume you have the right of way as a pedestrian, even if the crosswalk signal is giving you the go-ahead.
  • Do not step into the path of a vehicle that cannot be reasonably be expected to stop in time.
  • Be sure to shoulder check left and right before crossing.
  • Always make eye contact with drivers. Never assume that a driver has seen you.
  • Cross streets within the painted crosswalk lines.
  • Make yourself more visible to drivers by wearing reflective clothing or gear.
  • If you are using a mobile device, don’t walk!

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Statistics—Distracted Drivers (ICBC):

  • Each year, an average of 79 people die in crashes where distracted driving was a contributing factor.
  • Of all car crash fatalities in BC, 28% are due to distracted driving, where one of the common distractions is the use of personal electronic devices.
  • Males account for 63% of fatalities where distraction was a contributing factor.
  • Almost half of the fatalities involving distraction occurred between intersections, with 35% occurring at intersections.

Stay Safe—Drivers:

  • No call, text, or email while driving. Put your phone out of sight or to avoid the temptation to check your phone.
  • Be aware of the laws around distracted driving.

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April 28: National Day of Mourning—remembering work-related injury and death

April 28 is the National Day of Mourning to remember and honour those who have lost their lives of suffered an injury due to a work-related tragedy. Attend an event in your area.

Statistics (CCOHS):

  • In 2015, 852 workplace deaths were recorded in Canada.
  • There were 232,629 claims accepted across Canada for lost time due to a work-related disease or injury in 2015.

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