Adjusting to a new pace of life during the COVID-19 situation

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As we all work together to stop the spread of COVID-19, we find ourselves adjusting to a new pace of life. In our efforts to practice physical distancing and to stay at home, British Columbians are spending more time indoors with families and housemates.

These unique circumstances can actually put us at risk for injury as our households are full and we try to keep ourselves and our kids busy. On average, 40% of injuries requiring hospitalization or emergency department care happen in the home. In fact, injuries are a leading cause of emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths among British Columbians aged 1 to 44. Common injuries that occur in the home include falls, burns, electrocutions, poisoning, strangulation, choking, and drowning.1

We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to keep you safe. Click on the relevant article below.

Going to the hospital for an injury is never ideal. Take steps to prevent injuries—but remember that emergency rooms are open if you need it. BC Children’s Hospital has a guide on their website in case you are not sure if you need to go to emergency, or you can talk to your family doctor or call 8-1-1.

We are all in this together.

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