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BCIRPU Webinars

The BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit invites anyone in the field of injury prevention to join our webinar presentations. Speakers from around the world make presentations on relevant topics related to injury prevention, with a focus on evidence-based information and new research.

Each year there are at least six one-hour presentations which include time for questions from participants.

Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, January 23, 2020, 11:00 AM PST: Concussion Awareness, Recognition, Recovery and Return-to-Work: Developing the Concussion Awareness Training Tool for Workers & Workplaces

Denise Beaton, MA
Project Coordinator, Injury Prevention, BC Centre for Disease Control

Abstract: One in every 165 adults suffers a concussion each year in Canada. Due to high demand and current international gaps in addressing non-sport related concussion among adults, CATT for Workers and Workplaces (CATT WW) launched summer 2019. To inform the development of this resource, focus groups and interviews were held from Spring 2018 to Winter 2019 with workers from various industries​, workplace stakeholders, and healthcare professionals. Concussion recovery and return to work are influenced by the social determinants of health and various modifiable factors that aid or delay recovery and return to work. The increasing prevalence and suspected under-diagnosis of concussion within the adult working population is a global issue. Proper treatment and management of concussion reduces both the risk of re-injury and long-term health and economic consequences.

Bio: Denise Beaton is the provincial coordinator for injury prevention at the BC Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. She is a member of the BCIRPU, and led the research and development of Changing Knowledge and Attitudes about Concussions: The Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) for Workers and Workplaces. CATT for Workers & Workplaces is the fourth training module on www.cattonline.com, filling the gap in addressing concussion awareness and education in the adult population by providing free-to-use, easy access to current best practices for concussion recognition, management, and return to work guidelines.

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