BC IP Conference - BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit

BC IP Conference

The BC Injury Research and Injury Prevention Unit partnered with CARSP – the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals – to co-host the 24th Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference as our BC Injury Prevention conference for 2014.

The theme for the conference was ‘Safer Roads; Healthier Communities’ to emphasize that traffic injuries and deaths are a major public health problem in Canada. In fact, motor vehicle deaths are the leading cause of death for those aged 5-29 years. Vulnerable road users, such as pedestrian and cyclists, are particularly at risk.

Furthermore, traffic injuries and deaths have a significant impact on individuals, families and on society as a whole. Loss of income, long-term care and rehabilitation are some of the burdens experienced, and the economic burden at a societal level is staggering.

The theme of the conference was designed to stress the importance of sharing strategies across disciplines to improve the safety of our roads with the goal to lower traffic injuries and deaths.

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