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Injury-Related Deaths Tool


Update: Includes data up to and including 2018. Please note that the selections for cause and intent have been revised for better surveillance and reporting.

NOTE: We have published our study investigating fall-related mortality, as presented in the data, among British Columbians aged 85+ years between the years of 2006 and 2015 and the anomaly we noticed. Read the study and view our factsheet.

How to Use the Tool

By selecting specific parameters in the search selection, outputs in the form of tables and charts will be generated. When clicking on the “new query” button, your original selections will remain checked to avoid any duplication of steps. Please ensure that you clear any previous selections, if different from your new query. A summary of your selected parameters as well as the date and time of your search will appear before each outputted table and chart to allow you to cross reference your selections.

The export button will allow you to export your table to either Microsoft Excel, Word or text file. Furthermore, to copy, save or print charts, please right click on the image and choose the appropriate selection.


Interpretation and meaning of the data charts and tables is the responsibility of the user. If you require assistance in interpreting the charts and tables, or if you have further questions, please contact BCIRPU at 604-875-3776. Definitions for causes of injury, crude and age-standardized rates can be viewed in the glossary (enter the data tool to view the glossary).

Please Note: the external causes of mortality and morbidity include adverse effects, misadventures, complications and post operative complications from medical and surgical care. Caution is advised when interpreting the results as the inclusion of these causes inflate the total number of injuries.

Data Sources

Mortality Data

BCIRPU receives mortality data from BC Vital Statistics. Injury data in BC Vital Statistics is extracted using the external cause of mortality (ICD10-CA-V01-Y98). Type of injury is captured using ICD10-CA S00-T98. Please refer to the glossary for a detailed list of the ICD 10 codes and their corresponding categories.

Population Data

The population data for the age adjusted rate is derived from the BC and Canadian 2011 population. Population data to calculate crude rates are based on Population Estimates from BC Vital Statistics. The 2011 Canadian Census of Population is used as the standard population, consistent with what is being used by Statistics Canada.

The International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision (ICD 10) codes is used to specify underlying cause of hospitalization and deaths from 2001 onwards. A description for each cause can be found in the glossary tab of the tool (enter the data tool to view the glossary).


Mortality Data:
BC Vital Statistics Agency, Retrieved from Injury Data Online Tool (iDOT), BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit.


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Last update for Injury Mortality Data and Population Data – January 2020.