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Seasonal Safety

Winter is in full swing in British Columbia! We’ve put together some safety tips.

Snowmobile safety

January 18 to 26 is International Snowmobile Safety Week. The Canadian Pediatric Society and Parachute have safety tips, including:

  • Always wear a helmet when snowmobiling
  • Understand the conditions before you go out
  • Children under 6 should not be allowed on a snowmobile
  • Know the signs of unstable snow and avalanche risk

Skating, skiing, snowboarding

Before you hit the slopes or the ice rink, check out these resources:

Winter driving

Be prepared for driving in winter ice and snow. ICBC has some tips on winter driving.

  • Keep an emergency kit, warm clothing, food, and snow removal equipment in your vehicle
  • Winter tires are mandatory on some stretches of BC highways
  • Adjust your speed and driving for the conditions