Seasonal Injuries

Summer means longer days and more sunshine! Remember that there is a lot more activity on the road, at work sites, and other public areas.

Sport and Recreation Safety

We have a new resource with injury prevention information for over 50 sports and recreational activities. Learn more at

Remember these tips the next time you pick up that racket, lace up those cleats, or put on your skates:

  • Awareness: Be aware of your physical abilities and fitness level before starting any new activity.
  • Learn the Rules: Know the rules and gameplay.
  • Suit Up: Studies show that wearing the right equipment can reduce your risk of injury.
  • Warm-Up: Proper warm-up exercises can reduce your risk of injury.
  • Listen to Your Body: Your body can give you clues about possible injury—be aware of ongoing or worsening pain, and take time to rest.
  • Teach Others: Promote a culture of safety and support a positive environment for reporting injuries and getting treatment.


Did you know: On average, nearly four out of five crashes involving cyclists occur at intersections in BC?

May 28 to June 3 was the annual Bike to Work Week. ICBC has some tips for road users and cyclists on sharing the road. Learn more at

Concussion and Head Injury

From June 4 to 10, injury prevention groups across Canada will be talking about concussions: at home, at play, and on the road for the annual Safe Kids Week.

Download our campaign toolkit to help share concussion information online and on social media. We’ll be keeping the conversation on head injuries going all month, as June is Brain Injury Awareness Month.

Learn more about concussions by visiting the Concussion Awareness Training Tool.

Construction Site Safety

Finally, now that it is summer, we want to highlight safety on construction sites as crews head out to improve our cities and roads. Learn more at WorkSafeBC.