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Are Child Pedestrians at Increased Risk of Injury on One-way Compared to Two-Way Streets?

Objectives: To compare child pedestrian injury rates on one-way versus two-way streets in Hamilton, and examine whether the characteristics of child pedestrian injuries differ across street types. Methods: The rates of injury per child population, per kilometre, per year were calculated by age, sex and socioeconomic status (SES). Child, environment and driver characteristics were investigated by street type. Results: The injury rate was 2.5 times higher on one-way streets than…

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Patterns of self-reported health care use in injured and uninjured older adults

There is little research on self-reported injuries in older adults. The impact of injury includes costs and services which go beyond the scope of results from hospital-based studies: for example, those recovering from an injury may require treatment from several health care providers outside hospital. Mild to moderately severe injuries can be a concern to older adults: two-thirds of those aged 65 and over report feeling restricted int heir activities…

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