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Setting the baseline: a description of cannabis poisonings at a Canadian pediatric hospital prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis

The study looks at the three-year period before recreational cannabis legalization in Canada in order to set a baseline for future comparisons. Researchers extracted data from the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting & Prevention Program (CHIRPP) database between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2018. Suggested Citation: Cheng P, Zargaran A, Rajabali F, Turcotte K, Babul S. Original quantitative research – Setting the baseline: a description of cannabis poisonings at a…

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“Where does the high road lead?” Potential implications of cannabis legalization for pediatric injuries in Canada

The purpose of this commentary is to discuss how legalization of non-medical marijuana in Canada can potentially influence child and adolescent unintentional injuries based on evidence from states (American) and jurisdictions that have already legalized cannabis for recreational purposes.

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