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The Canadian Atlas of Child and Youth Injury: Mobilizing injury surveillance data to launch a national knowledge translation tool

The Canadian Atlas of Child and Youth Injury Prevention provides readily accessible information to injury prevention practitioners, policy makers and researchers, helping to chart pathways to success in improving the child and youth injury prevention system in Canada.

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Education About Crying in Normal Infants Is Associated with a Reduction in Pediatric Emergency Room Visits for Crying Complaints

The findings imply that improved parental knowledge of the characteristics of normal crying secondary to a public health program may reduce MER use for crying complaints in the early months of life.

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Can child injury prevention include healthy risk promotion?

To reflect on the role of risk-taking and risky play in child development and consider recommendations for the injury prevention field, a symposium was held prior to the November 2013 Canadian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference.

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Construct validity and impact of mode of administration of the PedsQL™ among a pediatric injury population

The purpose of this study was to determine the construct validity of the PedsQL™ health related quality of life (HRQoL) instrument for use among injured children and to examine the impact of using different modes of administration, including paper and pencil, online and telephone.

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Developing injury indicators for First Nations and Inuit children and youth in Canada: a modified Delphi approach

The purpose of this research was to take the initial step in developing valid indicators that reflect the injury issues facing First Nations and Inuit children and youth in Canada.

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