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Prevention of falls and injuries among the elderly

It can happen in an instant: reaching on a wobbly stool for something located on a high shelf, tripping over uneven pavement, slipping on a rug or a patch of ice, or getting up from a bed, a bath, a toilet or a chair. It can happen in a person’s home, in the community, while a patient is in an acute care hospital, or as a resident in a long-term…

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Unintentional Fall-Related Injuries and Deaths Among Seniors in British Columbia: Trends, Patterns and Future Projections, 1987-2012

Fall-related injuries and deaths in older adults are a major public health problem in most contemporary western societies with aging populations (Carter, Kannus & Khan, 2001; Tinetti & Speechley, 1989). Approximately 30% of individuals over 65 years of age fall at least once a year (Campbell, Borrie, & Spears, 1989), and about half of these do so recurrently (Tinetti & Speechley, 1989). Given these statistics, and the changing age structure…

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