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Child motor vehicle occupant and pedestrian casualties before and after enactment of Child Restraint Seats Legislation in Japan

The objectives of this preliminary evaluation are to measure the effectiveness, benefits, and usage of safety seats for child passengers aged 1-5 years by analyzing the child casualty data for the period of 1997-2002.

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Demographic risk factors in pesticide related suicides in Sri Lanka

Suicide rates in Sri Lanka (40 per 100 000) greatly exceed those of the United Kingdom (7.4/100 000), United States (12/100 000), and Germany (15.8/100 000).1,2 A leading method of committing suicide in Sri Lanka is ingestion of pesticides, which are readily available in rural farming households. Self poisoning kills more people in rural Sri Lanka than ischemic heart disease and tropical diseases combined.3 Although acute pesticide poisoning occurs at…

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