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Public attitudes towards the preventability of transport and non-transport related injuries: Can a social marketing campaign make a difference?

Substantial efforts devoted to decreasing the burden of transport-related injuries (TRIs) in Canada, including public awareness campaigns aiming to influence attitudes and behaviors, may lead the public to perceive other types of injuries differently. This study examined the relationship between public perception of the preventability of injuries and the type of injury (TRIs vs. non-transport unintentional injuries (NTUIs)); and assessed whether exposure to a social marketing campaign (Preventable) influenced this association.

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School Travel Planning: Engaging Communities To Address School Traffic Safety Challenges

School Travel Planning (STP) is a national program in every Province and Territory across Canada aimed at improving community cohesion in walkable communities. The benefits of STP for communities were highlighted and the process of implementing effective STP were discussed. 

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