The BC Casebook for Injury Prevention

The BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, in consultation and collaboration with Health Authorities, and with funding support from the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), is proud to announce the launch of the BC Casebook for Injury Prevention. This highly visual, online resource utilizes the latest evidence, novel data charts and infographics that make the case for injury prevention.

For a quick overview watch the video:

The Casebook conveys the burden that preventable injuries pose to society, and demonstrates that appropriate risk management enables, rather than constrains, economic activity. Its purpose is to assist Health Authorities and other injury stakeholders with decision-making, priority setting and planning to support public health and injury prevention in BC.

casebook casebook-infographic
The Casebook Casebook Infographic

You can also download a PowerPoint presentation of the Casebook for your use.

Please note: the Casebook PDF file has many graphics and some printers may have difficulty printing the file. If you encounter a problem, please visit this Adobe Quick Fix link for assistance.

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