Injury Surveillance Pilot Project: Evaluation Report

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Injuries are costly to society and to the health care system. In 1993, the total economic burden to Canadians due to intentional and unintentional injury was 11.1 percent of the total costs of illness, or $14.3 billion (Health Canada, 1997). Only cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disease exceeded injury in total cost. Even costs associated with cancer were smaller than the economic burden of injury. The total cost of unintentional injuries in Canada in 1994 was estimated to be over $8.7 billion (Angus et. al., 1998). These numbers do not reflect the additional human and emotional costs for the injured individuals and their families.

This report evaluates the status of the Injury Surveillance Pilot Project (ISPP). Background information is provided about the EDISS program. Project goals related to data collection, electronic data storage, data analysis, information dissemination, and information use are addressed through a series of evaluation questions. Methods and/or steps are described and findings are presented and discussed. Finally, support for the ISPP is highlighted, quality of the data summarized, limitations of the evaluation presented, and recommendations for action based on the evaluation are listed.

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