Interior Health Injury Prevention Environmental Scan

In December, 2004 Interior Health (IH) completed an, Options Paper for a Coordinated Approach to Injury Prevention, with the recommendation that the Health Authority carry out the coordination of injury prevention in two phases. Phase one included the completion of a comprehensive environmental scan. The scan would be used to identify what injury prevention activities are under way in the region, where they are located, who is carrying out the activities, and the impact of the activities on the targeted groups. This information would identify capacity, use of best practices, gaps in services and collaboration possibilities within the region.

In addition, the Interior Health Authority Strategic Plan for Injury Prevention, completed in June 2004, highlighted five potential priority areas in injury prevention. Of the five areas highlighted, IH first focused on falls prevention and are now moving on to a focus on youth suicide and abuse. To proceed, IH engaged in start-up activities including gathering baseline information, making evidence-based recommendations for pilot projects suitable for the region, and developing a strategic implementation plan for Youth Suicide and Abuse Prevention. In order to move the strategic implementation plan forward an environmental scan of current activities, capacity and gaps in youth suicide and abuse prevention within the IH geographic area needed to be completed.

The purpose of this project, IH Injury Prevention Environmental Scan, was to develop a conceptual framework for an environment scan that can be used to gather information about injury prevention activities within the Interior Health region.

The project was divided into the following 3 phases:

Phase I: Development of a conceptual framework for injury prevention
Phase II: Development of the methodology and tools for conducting an environmental scan
Phase III: Conducting a pilot environmental scan in the area of youth suicide prevention

This report outlines the processes and outcomes of the three phases of this project, and includes a summary and recommendations of next steps for the IH in their Coordinated Approach to Injury Prevention.

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