In Europe, a widespread approach to disseminating information about fall prevention has taken hold in the form of ProFouND, the Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination.

As Dr. Chris Todd, the lead for ProFouND and Professor at the University of Manchester, explained in the BCIRPU’s March 20 webinar presentation, the goal is to broadly disseminate evidence-based, best-practice information about fall prevention.

The newest approach is an app for health care workers to use that will give individual prevention plans for each person at risk of falling, including fitness and health care programs. As well, ProFouND has developed a cascading system of training health care personnel to broaden the approach.

The key factor, Dr. Todd said, was that falls can be prevented and with aging population it’s even more imperative to get uptake on fall prevention information. Patients may be resistant to prevention methods and not do as much as they can to reduce falling risks.

Dr. Todd welcomes health care workers to view and use information from the ProFouND website at